Founder & Chairman of FashionTV


Michel Adam Lisowski is the founder and chairman of Fashion TV. He founded FashionTV to create a global fashion platform that focuses on fashion, luxury, and beauty. He is known as ‘FASHION MAESTRO’ for his remarkable contribution to the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle industry across the world.
He is the founder of multiple FashionTV destinations that are spread across the world’s leading cities like Tel Aviv, Cairo, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Shanghai, Prague, Vienna, etc.


Michel Adam Lisowski was born on April 16, 1950, in Warsaw and is of Jewish descent. He moved to Vienna in 1958, along with his family. Later, he was granted a scholarship for Mathematics at Princeton University.
He started a textile business in Thailand called "Eden Group". In 1997, he started FashionTV, an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel in France. Currently, he is the Chairman of Fashion TV (FTV) and also runs the franchise "love-f-cafe" in various European cities, including Monaco and Milan.
In 2013, he returned to Vienna with the idea of opening a café at Hotel Bristol next to the opera house. The café is still a renowned destination for many fashion shows, after-parties, and other fashion events. The cafe became very popular amongst the fashion community.


In 1958 his journey began when he travelled from Poland to Vienna and decided to venture into a subject that was the closest to his heart which is Fashion.
At first, he started his own textile business in Thailand under a company called the Eden Group. Later he moved to France where Michel Adam Lisowski started a channel that is dedicated to fashion, it broadcasted 24*7. This led to the birth of FashionTV, in 1997. Today, Fashion TV is loved globally and is the world’s largest fashion media.
Later in 2013, he opened "love-f-cafe" Fashion, one of his most successful projects. This cafe is dedicated to fashion enthusiasts. The café is known as a UTOPIA for fashion. It hosts many fashion shows, after-parties, and other fashion events. This cafe is in very high demand amongst the fashion community.


With Fashion TV, Michel Adam Lisowski is committed to building partnerships that propel the partners towards success. Michel Adam Lisowski's entrepreneurial mindset makes him think beyond, and he is always interested in taking fashion to new heights. He is keenly aware of the potential and reach of FTV in India. The brand is introducing various LUXURIOUS FTV businesses in the world’s second most populated country.


Hi, this is Michel Adam, founder and chairman of FashionTV.
I invite you to be a part of FashionTV with FTV Concepts, and likewise, many other business opportunities presented just for the people of India. Looking forward to welcoming you on board.