Welcome to a realm where fashion, glamour and an opulent way of life embellishes the world. FashionTV has nurtured fashion into a global phenomenon. A space that inspires and adorns fashion enthusiasts with the power of media.


  • FashionTV is the first fashion channel in the world with 250 million viewers in 193+ countries.
  • It broadcasts the latest news and information about the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle world to over 100 million households and over 10 million public places across five continents.
  • FashionTV is the fourth most distributed channel in the world with 250 cable satellites, 500 million households, 7 million in public places, and 10 million public TV sets in public places.
  • FashionTV broadcasts exclusive premium content on the 12 Thematic Media Channels Worldwide.
  • FashionTV has 4 million+ followers on Facebook where we get 12 million+ views per week.
  • FashionTV boasts over 65 million+ views on YouTube.
  • FashionTV has more than 300K+ followers on Instagram, where we achieve 125K+ organic reach per Month.
  • On, our official website, we get 5 million+ page views.

FTV Concepts


To create India’s most sought after concept creation firm with the view to develop fashion and lifestyle businesses to their full potential while making a style statement that will leave a lasting impression.


To create a firm that provides unique concepts with vast potential in the markets by ideation and sales marketing assistance to carry these brands with our name in the industry to the very top.


To ideate the nation’s most groundbreaking inventions by brainstorming concepts that will be revolutionary with the marketing roots that FashionTV will provide.